Dev GB


We design and implement WHMCS Modules that extend the functionality of WHMCS. If you already have a module design we can bring it to life.

Design to production development

Our PHP Development service is ready to take your idea and turn it into a design ready for production. Usually, customers show us what they would like to do and we provide a concept design for approval and build. Sometimes customers already have a design in mind and we can turn that design into a working program.

We work with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Our service is perfect for creating WHMCS Modules or standalone software. Because each project is different, the cost of our service is not fixed. Some projects cost a little some projects cost a lot. With your concept design, you will also receive a quote for the work and timescale.

PHP Development

The core language we use is PHP and we can develop any PHP code that you require. We use the latest techniques when writing code to ensure smooth operation and total security when running your program.

JavaScript Development

Javascript can be used to enhance the code in your project. Our projects are built on PHP but a good percentage of the code is also usually JavaScript.  JavaScript is lean, so it's fast and just as secure as PHP.

html / css development

The interface of our projects can be built on PHP but also HTML and CSS do play a part. HTML and CSS are used everywhere on the internet and has cross-browser support out of the box.

Design to production

Design to production takes the pressure off you to create software. Our team of experts will discuss your project and agree on a concept design to showcase to you.


Because we have developed your project, we will know how to deploy your software in the best way. Included in all of our projects is expert installation with a pre-approved plan.

code Maintenance

Techniques in writing code change and new versions of software like PHP are released regularly. We can tweak your code for compatibility with new versions of software.

Code vault

Our Code-Vault service keeps your software secure. Disasters happen and when they do you need backups. Your software is stored in a high-security vault in Liverpool and in a protected offline hard drive. Recovery of software takes as little as 1 hour

5 Star Support

Our support team don't just support our license holders. We also support the code we have created for you. Support for code projects is offered by ticket, live chat and phone during normal office hours. Access to Code-Vault is 24x7

12-month warranty

All of the software we produce carries a 12-Month Dev GB software warranty. Should a defect be identified in the software we will correct it for free. Our software warranty can be extended for a monthly fee which will be calculated before your warranty expires.

Start by requesting a concept design if you just have a project idea or, if you already have a design, get a project quote.