Allow Clients To Manage OVH/SYS IP Blocks

Reduce support tickets by allowing client to manage IP blocks directly from WHMCS


Send OVH Notifications to your customers and allow them to manage IPv4 blocks directly from WHMCS

OVH/SYS WHMCS IP Manager Module

Allow clients to manage OVH and SYS IP Blocks from WHMCS. Reduce the number of support tickets you receive by allowing customers to ;
Add rDNS Entries (Per IP Basis)
Edit rDNS Entries (Per IP Basis)
Delete rDNS Entries (Per IP Basis)
Enable DDoS Protection (Per IP Basis)
Disable DDoS Protection (Per IP Basis)
Remove Port 25 Blocks (Per IP Basis)
This module will work with the CA OVH API, EU OVH API, CA SYS API and EU SYS API.
Add the WHMCS OVH Notification module to send Spam, DDoS, Anti-Hack and other notifications to customers automatically.